Split Infinity Theme Documents

Some documents on the background and theme for Split Infinity MUD.

Approved docs

SI Background Story (On SI's official home page)

SI Area Themes (On SI's official home page)

Some background on Devir, one of the planets in the SI universe.

Theme for Rephan, the area-in progress I'm working on right now.

All these other docs are completely unofficial and unapproved at the time of writing. Any that get officially sanctioned will be moved up out of this section of the page.

Proposals for reworking Split Infinity's race system (draft).

Log of a creator discussion about races (supporting documentation for the race proposals).

Split Infinity Timeline (An attempt to fit the scattered pieces of SI's background together coherently)

Some random musings on the Arrendis, because some day I'll probably get around to writing something related to them.

Correspondence between creators regarding the Devir theme doc. Unless the person in question didn't want their mail posted on the web, of course. And here's the first draft of the Devir theme doc.