Split Infinity Timeline

This is all completely unofficial, may change drastically and probably still needs rewriting. It's just a rough attempt at fitting the different pieces of Split Infinity MUD's history together coherently.

2034Earth's scientists formulate the Reunified Field Theory.
c.2200 Using the knowledge gained from the new theory of the universe, mankind is able to build spacecraft capable of faster-than-light travel.
c.2300 - c.2500Humans flee the overpopulated Earth to colonise over two dozen worlds. Earth becomes the centre of an embryonic galactic empire. Alien life is discovered by scientific survey teams. The first sentient alien races are encountered, most of whom are peaceful and willing to trade with humans. However, Earth's ambassadors hear of a viciously warlike race, the Arrendis, who are expanding their military empire throughout the galaxy and subjugating any sentient species they encounter.
2343A red giant star near the galactic centre is found to be orbited by several rocky, mineral-rich planets. Pioneers set up ore-extraction and refining facilities. The star is named Rephan by the colonists, after one of Earth's ancient gods. As mankind spread throughout the galaxy, the Rephan system grows in importance, becoming a vital industrial supply hub.
2364Renzlaer Unified Technology Corporation (Renzlaer UniTech) begin the terraforming of Devir.
2418The first skirmishes occur as the borders of mankind's empire approach Arrendis-controlled space.
2419Renzlaer UniTech recalls its scientists from Devir as the political situation in that sector of the galaxy becomes more unstable. The Devir project is abandoned just as the planet becomes ready for colonisation.
2420Arrendis forces attack the planet of Rydani. The IESS Deliverance, carrying two thousand Rydanian refugees, crash-lands on Devir.
2441Arrendis invasion forces attack the Rephan star system.
2441 - 2488Battles rage between humans and arrendis for control of the beleaguered Rephan system. Humanity's fledgeling empire suffers particularly badly from the internecine conflict. The Arrendis, with more worlds under their control and in a stronger overall strategic position, slowly dislodge the human forces from Rephan.
2482The discovery of a mineral-rich asteroid belt in the Quadratus Epsilon system gives mankind vast new supplies of metal ores, replacing the Rephan mining operations entirely.
2489As the last of the human forces are driven from Rephan system space, human commanders order biochemical sterilisation of all Rephan's planets to deny them to the enemy.
c.2800The growing power of the Arrendis compels several of the spacefaring races of the galaxy to form the Interplanetary Alliance for mutual protection. Mankind is one of the very first races to join. Over the next two centuries, almost every known sentient race in the galaxy joins forces with the Alliance.
2837Human scientists prove the correctness of the second half of the Reunified Field Theory, which predicted the existence of forces which act in seeming contradiction to the previously-known laws of physics. However, no-one can discover any practical way to utilise these phenomena.
2922The Alliance recaptures Rydani and its neighbouring systems. Moebius Space Labs (as Renzlaer UniTech had become after a series of mergers) reclaims Devir as its own.
2922 - 2934Prevented from pursuing the original Devir colonisation plans by Alliance laws against cultural interference, Moebius builds a huge research station in orbit around Devir to permit study of the colonists' society.
2980The Alliance makes contact with a hugely advanced race, the Dehanyi. Their entire culture appears to be based around these forces which seemed to act outside the normal laws of physics. While the Dehanyi refuse to join the Alliance, they give the other races a gift of their knowledge. In return, no Alliance race is to enter their territory or make contact with them for any reason.
2980 - 3010Using these new forces, nicknamed "magic", the Alliance forces bring the Arrendis advance to a standstill. The Galaxy enters a somewhat uneasy period of peace.
3030A salvage team begins investigating the orbiting wreckage from Rephan's battles. They find that many of the wrecks have been compacted by gravity into huge conglomerations of scrap metal.