Rayner's Home

[Rayner looking silly, at night]

You probably want my new home page at magic-cookie.co.uk. It's got most of the same stuff, but it's more likely to be maintained and have scripts that work. You're best off going there and updating your bookmarks. However, I'm keeping this version of the site around for the foreseeable future.

My old home page at Bath University is defunct, since I've now finished my Master's Degree in Computer Science. I got my degree, but a couple of days after I finished my dissertation, the Student Records Office nuked my computing account. A bit harsh, but at least I have backups. That .newsrc had been lovingly tended for five years, though... (sigh)

I'm now in the middle of moving all my web stuff into one place. It's not nearly complete, since most of my effort is going into finding a job, but here's some stuff to look at in the mean time:

rayner at anarres-worlds dot org